Whether you think of yourself as rich, poor or somewhere between, your planned gift will help St. Vincent de Paul fulfill our mission now, and long into the future, and will serve as an example to your heirs of the values and ideals you hold dear.

What is a planned gift and why should I consider making one?

A planned gift is any financial gift that takes effect at death or requires a document such as a will, gift annuity or trust.  Bequests made through your will, gifts to an endowment and gifts that provide you income during your lifetime are all considered planned gifts. These types of gifts may provide you with immediate tax benefits and increased income during your lifetime.  More importantly, they allow you, as a donor, to demonstrate your values and beliefs to your family and community and leave a lasting legacy to the causes to which you have committed yourself during your lifetime.

How do I include St. Vincent de Paul in my will?

It’s very simple. To make your wishes clear, specific language should be included in your will:

“I give St. Vincent de Paul (insert Conference or District name) the sum of X dollars for its general purposes.” (Instead of a specific dollar amount, you can refer to a percentage of the estate or a description of property you wish to give.)

If you want your gift to be used for a specific purpose, you may direct or restrict it to a specific purpose or program. You can also list St. Vincent de Paul – Conference or District as a beneficiary on:

  • an IRA
  • life insurance policy
  • bank account
  • other financial account
  • all or part of the asset at your passing, just like you do with a will or trust.

All gifts will go to the Conference or District selected by the donor.
Legal Name: Diocesan Council of Marquette, MI – Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Tax I.D Number: 38-1914302