Executive Director

The Executive Director of the Diocesan Council of Marquette, MI –Society of St. Vincent de Paul must be knowledgeable of the basic principles and Rule of the Society; the structure of the Diocesan Council of Society of St. Vincent de Paul, covering the entire Upper Peninsula, i.e., stores, Conferences, and Districts with locations served.

The Executive Director is appointed by the President after recommendation from a special committee of the Board, with the approval of a majority of the Diocesan Board of Directors and shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors under the immediate direction of the President.

The Executive Director shall maintain the principal office and manage the everyday activities of the Society, as the Board of Directors shall from time to time determine.  The term of office of Executive Director shall not be limited or determined unless by a vote of the majority of the members of the Diocesan Board of Directors.

This office has been established to administratively support the activities of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Diocesan Council of Marquette.

The position is a 40 hours per week and will include some evenings and weekends.  It is a salaried position.

*Hereafter Society of St. Vincent de Paul units refers to stores, Conferences and Districts.

Duties and Responsibilities

Complete responsibility is entrusted to the Executive Director

  •  Establish operating procedures and oversee operation of local office
  • Monitor purchase, operation and maintenance of equipment including computer update and enhancements for DCM office
  • Maintain up-to-date website for DCM
  • Publish the U.P. Vincentian newsletter on a regular basis (3-4X year) with an e-mailed newsletter to most members
  • Maintain good public relations with agencies, non-profit organizations and media to enhance the image of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Willingness and ability to speak to civic organizations and public about Society of St. Vincent de Paul; be available for interviews with local media on topics concerning SVdP and area communities
  • Travel to stores, Conferences,Districts on a regular basis to provide trainings or assist District Council Presidents with personnel issues
  • Provide necessary educational trainings for Vincentians
  • Attend regional, mid-year, national meetings and annual SSVdP – DCM retreat; NCR ED retreat
  • Assist Conference and District Vincentians in applying for grants available for special needs or programs

Special works:

Stores and Store Committees

  •  Prepare payroll insert with pertinent information on activities related to store – insurance, employee, Consumer Product Safety Recall list, etc.
  • Set up two-day Store Managers/Store Committees meeting with outside speakers (insurance, MI Works, Unemployment Agency, attorney, police, vendors, etc.) for all to learn about operating a retail business successfully, state and federal policies, government agencies and SVdP responsibilities
  • Educate managers and store committee members on roles and responsibilities to ensure the store’s success as a visible sign of SVdP in the community.
  • Provide on-going consultation on a one-to-one basis as needed
  • Provide Store Ozanam Orientations for employees/volunteers of Special Works.


  •  Provide for timely and effective processing of incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Establish and maintain annual report control system for stores, conferences, district councils and DCM
  • Determine priorities concerning various report projects to ensure timely submission at the federal and state government levels and to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul at national and regional levels
  • Prepare correspondence as requested by DCM and District Councils

 Registered Agent of the Corporation

  • Keep the Corporate Seal
  • Maintain the corporate records; safety deposit box with property documents
  • Properly execute all matters pertaining to the corporation’s position as a tax exempt, not-for-profit entity chartered in the State of Michigan
  • Obtain Notary Public status

Specific Tasks and Services

  • Work with DCM accountant to prepare DCM budget; determine store and district council assessments
  • Coordinate with St. Peter Cathedral secretary quarterly meeting dates; prepare agenda for DCM President’s approval
  • Review Solidarity Contribution from National Council and determine assessments for stores, conferences and district councils
  • Review DCM Form 990 and audits with the accounting firm
  • Monitor insurance coverage:  Meet with insurance representative to review all policies:
  • On all properties and assets (vehicles) of the Diocesan Council, including stores and warehouses
  • For liability on workers and volunteers
  • Directors and Officers of DCM

Conference duties include:

  •  Maintain updated DCM database and e-mail addresses
  • Maintain updated list of officers and members of Conferences and Districts
  • Notify membership of meetings and any pertinent information
  • Keep materials available for Conference ministry
  • Monitor applications filed for aggregation of Conferences and Institution of Districts
  • Provide Ozanam Orientations for members
  • Disseminate information on the activities of Society of St. Vincent de Paul at the local, regional, and national levels
  • Monitor return of annual reports and input onto National Council’s database
  • Maintain DCM website with current information on assistance, stores and other special works (dates, hours of operation and locations)

Serve as resource person to:

  • Trained Ozanam Orientation Formator; responsible for training additional OO Formatters in each district.  Ability to take materials to any SVdP location to give Ozanam Orientation with other formatters.
  • Respond to inquiries that Society of St. Vincent de Paul receives on legal, financial, insurance, and employee matters from inside organization
  • Public: refer individuals, organizations, and agencies to the proper contact person at regional and national offices
  • Set up yearly audits for St.Vincent de Paul units according to a pre-determined schedule or as needed
  • Work directly with organization’s attorney for input and information necessary to minimize litigation
  • Work with any government agencies regarding employee or Vincentian matters: Unemployment Insurance Agency, EEOC, FMLA, etc.

Responsible for Society of St. Vincent de Paul communications – mail or e-mail.

  • Notices of meetings and events(local, regional, and national levels)
  • Date of annual SVdP Diocesan Retreat
  •  Annual report compilation for Diocesan Council of Marquette –SVdP
  • U.P. Vincentian to entire membership and all Catholic parishes in Diocese of Marquette
  • Email prayer requests and notifications to all conference members

Coordinate Corporate Communion Annual Meeting/Mini-Convention each year

  • Contact the Bishop to coordinate date
  • Reserve church for mass; hall for brunch and meeting
  • Contact caterer and Altar Society for meal and service
  • Set up DCM Presidential election process as needed every 3 years
  • Prepare and coordinate presenters for 16 workshops with descriptions of workshops going to Vincentians for registration

Oversee Emergency Prescription Program

  • Ishpeming District and Marquette District pay annual amounts to cover emergency prescription assistance for individuals living in these communities
  • Maintain list of medications not covered

Birth certificates, state ID and driver license

  • Collaborate with local housing organizations by assisting individuals in obtaining birth certificates, state ID or driver license to qualify for housing and employment
  • Order birth certificates and prepare checks for state ID or driver license with reimbursement form completed and given to the Marquette District Council